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Hi, I’m Katie. I am a technologist and youth advocate, working for the public good. My toolkit includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, Express, React, and MongoDB, along with Wordpress and Squarespace -- but my superpower is combining empathy with strategy to help people achieve their goals.

I love to see ideas get off the ground. Whether you're a blossoming business, an aspiring artist, or a gregarious group of go-getters, I'm here to help provide a home for you on the web.

Building a home on the web isn't all that different than building a physical home. There's the plot of land (hosting), mailing address (domain), blueprints (wireframes), foundation (code, platform, CMS), construction (development, back-end), interior design (front-end design), and finally, the best part- moving in.

No matter how big or small, I want you to love your new home.

You bring the passion and creativity that makes your business special.

I bring expertise and a collaborative approach to make sure your home on the web is perfect for your needs.

When not coding, I enjoy spending time outside amongst the trees, exploring new cities and restaurants, live music, reading, learning, knitting, cooking, and spending time with my family. I am a proud mother of two terrific teenagers, and aunt to numerous nephews (and one nifty niece). I love dark comedies, dark forests, and dark wave.

Recent Projects

Save the Ancient Oaks

Website Design and Build | HTML-CSS-JS
Helped to raise awareness, lead to 9,400 signatures on the petition, shared widely by Global Tree Alliance, The Plant Initiative, and more.

National Organization for Women, Seattle

Volunteer Website Manager and Content Strategist | Squarespace
Founded, led, designed, and published the "That Can't Be True" monthly feature, which is a space for the youngest volunteers to get together and make friends, and to write about the issues they feel are important. This deepened engagement, spread awareness, and added volunteers.

Brows by Raven

Website design and build for local small business. HTML, CSS, Javascript


Using Javascript to pull and display photos from NASA's Daily Photo API.

Muppet Horoscope

Because everyone's always wondered, which Muppet am I?

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Portfolio additions coming soon!

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